HOW TO WEAR A MALA BEAD - The Benefits of Wearing a Mala Bead

HOW TO WEAR A MALA BEAD – The Benefits of Wearing a Mala Bead

With the various types of mala bead existing and the significance and meaning attached to each, you may lose the grasp of how to use or wear your mala bead.

Actually, there is no principle guiding how to wear a mala bead. Therefore, you may wear your mala bead however you feel it comfortable on your body. Although, it all depends on your intention for obtaining the string of beads. Hence, you can wear the Mala as an adornment (bracelet or necklace), or, hold as a prayer or meditation tool.

As an adornment, or, a meditation tool, or, traditional uses, this page suggests some useful tips on how you can wear your mala bead. Thus:

How You Can Wear Your Mala bead as a Bracelet

A full-size mala is a string of 108 beads. To wear this around your wrist as a bracelet, just wrap it in a careful manner about 3 or 4 times around your wrist. Always leave it a bit loose and not too tight. This is to avoid cutting the mala due to pressure. Also, you can let the tassel be free and dangle or you can as well tuck it under the wrapped beads. Whichever way goes best for you.

On the other hand, there are the mala bracelets specially made to be worn on the wrist. These are smaller than the full-size beads and contain typically 27 beads which are the quarter of the full bead. With this, you may wear as many as you wish on your wrist. For multiple beads, just set them in layers on your wrist while setting an intention for each.

Wearing a mala bead on your wrist makes it easily noticeable. Thus, you will always remember your positive affirmations anytime you feel or see the beads.

Be mindful of wearing your beads on your wrist during physical exercise. This is because the Mala beads may weaken or cut, especially if you mistakenly get it entangled on other objects.

How You Can Wear Your Mala Bead as a Necklace

Mala beads are made with gemstones, woods from nature, seeds, or crystals. As such, they appear as beautiful jewelry pieces. Hence, wearing them around the neck as a necklace is fashionable.

To wear a Mala as a necklace, just hang the bead of your choice on your neck. In general, this is the most comfortable way to wear your full mala.

The mala is not only used as a tool to count mantra during meditation. Of course, the materials that make up the mala (gemstones, woods, seeds, crystals) have their specific symbolism and energies. Hence, most people wearing the mala bead as a necklace benefit from the energies it represents. More so, the stones and crystals help in balancing the chakras controlling the various important aspects of our lives.

There is no restriction on the number of beads you can hang around your neck at a time. Therefore, you can layer multiple beads around your neck. This could be for your spiritual intentions or just a style of adornment you wish to adopt.

How You Can Wear Your Mala Beads During Meditation or Prayer Practices

When practicing mindful meditation, most practitioners make use of mala beads. For example, the mala can be used to count mantras during mantra chanting. Or, count breaths during breathing meditation. Apart from these, during quiet time or while examining the self in a self-awareness meditation, you can just wear your mala bead around your neck. By so doing, you can tap into the energy which the beads represent. More so, the beads introduce a sense of spiritual grounding.

While you can comfortably hang your mala beads around your neck during meditation, you may also decide to wear or just hold them in your hands during this practice.

To align your energies with a new mala bead, wear it for 40 days. This observation will help to remind you of your resolution and intentions of wearing the beads. Also, while you wear it in line with meditation practices, you will likely build a strong daily meditation practice.

Again, wearing Mala beads during meditation can help you *balance your chakras.

How You Can Wear Your Mala Beads Daily

The mala beads come in varying materials and colors which signifies the different energies they possess. By wearing a mala bead each day, you can anchor into the energy it possesses.

Generally, people who wear mala beads have a set intention for wearing it. Therefore, having a feel of your mala will keep reminding you of your intentions.

When you wear your beads daily, your energy becomes absorbed into the beads. Hence, the need to perform bead cleansing regularly.

Wearing a Mala with Regard to Tradition

In various Buddhist traditions or sects, the way you wear your mala bead can signify certain things. For example, hanging a mala around your neck in the public can mean that you are a teacher in some traditions. While in others, it only signifies that you are part of the spiritual practice.

For the monastics, they may wear the bead around their neck and tuck it inside their robes. Or, they could wear the beads wrapped around their wrists. By this, they could easily access it when they need to count beads arise.

The Benefits of Wearing a Mala Bead

Wearing a mala bead can benefit you in so many ways. These include:

Helping to Strengthen Your Meditation Practice

A mala bead is a tool for tracking mantra or Japa meditation. Therefore, wearing a bead makes it easier for you to remember and practice your routine meditation. The result of this is consistency which makes you grow in your practice.

Also, the energies represented by the *type and color of beads will help make your meditation practice more fulfilled. Hence, you feel more strength with each practice.

Serves as a Grounding Element

The mala beads can be your element for spiritual grounding. This may also depend on the material make-up of the mala bead you chose and your set intentions. Therefore, choose the right *stone and color of beads to help you with grounding.

While you practice the Japa mantra meditation, with the right beads, just let the beads serve as the element for grounding. Chant the mantra you chose. Certainly, it should be a mantra that you feel speaking to you while you recite it.

Helps to Activate Your Seven Chakras

With the right Crystal and stone beads, you can balance out your seven chakras. Thus, you are trying to make them more or less active.

When your chakras are active and balanced, you will be more in control of your life in all spheres. This includes communication, leadership, management, emotions, spirituality, talent, creativity, and other aspects.

It will benefit you to *know your Seven Chakras and which stones to activate each with. Of course, this will help you to choose your mala beads rightly.

Can Serve as a Mark of Personal Honor

Wearing your mala bead can remind you of your accomplished intentions. As such, when you set an intention with a mala bead and finally achieve the intention, you may hang your bead in your meditation space as an honor to yourself. Also, you may decide to wear it on your neck to serve the same purpose.

Note that the bead can equally honor to you whatever you wish it to mean for you. As such, the honor could equally be your desire to be better.

Serves as an Adored Gift Item

The mala bead is growing in popularity in Western society. This is so because of the significance and beauty of the item. As a result, you can gift a mala bead as a commemoration of special events for your loved ones.

This could be an anniversary or just in the event of achieving a life purpose. A mala bead always makes a beautiful gift item.

Gives a Sense of Community

Wearing a mala gives you a feeling of being part of a community. Of course, you are not the only one that uses a mala bead. As such, you get a sense of belonging as you wear your bead.

Aids the Practice of Pranayama

Pranayama is breathing meditation where the practitioner keeps track of his inhalation and exhalation. The mala beads help to serve as a cue to the breathing. Basically, there would be inhalation and exhalation on each bead. Some beads have nodes that can help a practitioner to track the breathe in and breathe out.

This practice starts with the guru bead and ends with the guru bead.


Wearing a mala bead can benefit you in various ways depending on your intentions. It can help you connect in a great way with your personality. Thus, you will be able to build a strong person in you.


This page treats how you can wear your mala bead and the benefits associated with wearing a mala bead. Just know that wearing a mala bead lies upon the comfort of the wearer. As a result, you are free to wear it however you feel most comfortable and tap into the benefits.

More so, you can use your beads as decoration for your sacred spaces.

You can purchase a mala bead in many yoga studios or through online retailers.