If all you have ever wanted or longed for is to seize the whole of your day, become more mindful of your activities and reduce the effect of stress and distractions in your life, then here is the right place for you to get started.

Morning meditation is the best way to get your day kicked off on an active note. When you meditate in the morning, you are lighting up the fire that will burn through all your darkness for the rest of the day. Your performance will be highly improved and you will become amazingly productive.

This guide to effective morning meditation helps to make your everyday meditation exercise invigorating. It is a common issue for beginners to find the formal seated meditation daunting, and more common to slack from your meditation routine after getting started. This guide will definitely make you feel the freshness of everyday meditation!

We are going to focus this guide on the following subheadings –

  • Waking Up For The Morning Meditation
  • Overcome Your Excuses To Morning Meditation
  • Preparing Yourself For Meditation
  • Effective Morning Meditation Techniques
  • A Guide Through Morning Meditation

You will start getting immediate results of meditation when you follow these practical steps. Consequently, you will be inspired to making effective meditation in the morning a daily habit without feeling daunted.

Take control of your whole day by first taking control of your morning. Take control of your morning by getting started with these meditation practices!

Waking Up For The Morning Meditation

This sounds obvious, of course, you have to wake up in the morning, but most times you wake up feeling really weak to perform any activity. This is because you are not truly awake for the day! Perform these simple practical activities immediately you open your eyes from sleep to activate your whole body. This will enliven you to practice your meditation routine effectively.

  – Feel your breath: Try to be conscious of your breathing as you open your eyes from sleeping to being awake. Feel every bit of the inhalation and exhalation for the next 5 to 10 breaths.

  – Rise up slowly: Gradually rise up by rolling over to one side. Pause for some moments and be present within your body as you rise with one movement at a time.

  – Freshen up: After you have risen, quickly go and freshen up. Wash your face and brush your teeth especially,  then move to your meditation corner. Return back to your room if that is where you practice meditation.

Overcome Your Excuses To Morning Meditation

Getting yourself ready to meditate in the morning involves overcoming all the obstacles that will hinder the progress of your meditation practice. Most of these obstacles are unknowingly created by ourselves. Here are some of the excuses we are likely to give and the ways to overcome them in order to be fully ready for the morning meditation.

“I don’t have enough time this morning”

This is a perfect excuse crafted by the mind to discourage your meditation efforts. A bunch of other activities to perform such as checking emails and other house chores keeps flying into the mind. The truth is that this is a misconception that meditation is sitting for long hours. Whereas, you are expected to adjust your time to best suit your schedule. You are advised to start with as little as 5 minutes meditation each morning and then work your way up to a longer duration.

“I have tried before but I can’t still concentrate”

Every beginner to meditation experiences such feelings of discouragement and lack of focus. Do not expect rapid results from meditation once you start off. Just understand that constant practice will get you to ultimate meditation experience. Focus more on understanding meditation and converting negative thoughts to positive energy, rather than the number of hours spent meditating.

“I find it difficult to sit still while meditating”

Meditation is not all about sitting down, there are other meditation techniques which involves movement. You can decide to do a walking meditation which involves walking around the room and concentrating on the feelings you get while taking each step. Other movement techniques which are suitable for morning meditation includes qigong and tai chi. Just find out what works for you and do it in your own way.

“I don’t even know if I am meditating effectively”

Effective meditation involves focusing your mind on a particular activity which could be your breathing or walking steps without external distractions. It is being present within yourself while not being bothered by the daily pile-up of work. Your thoughts may wander but it does not mean you are meditating wrongly, rather see it as part of the process while refocusing each time you feel absent-minded.

Now that you are able to overcome the barriers to your meditation routine, let us take a look at ways you can prepare your body for morning meditation.

Preparing Yourself For Meditation

There are few practical exercises you can perform quickly to stabilize your body each morning before going to meditation proper. These exercises will trigger your body system, consequently preventing weakness during meditation. Follow the simple steps to get ready.

  – Dynamic bridge: To do this, lie on the floor, face your palms towards the floor, while you keep your hands flat beside your body leaving some space between. Balance your body with your back flat on the floor. Place your feet on the floor with your knees raised. Once you assume the position, lift your hips slowly upwards while inhaling and drop back gradually to the original position while exhaling. Repeat the process for 2 – 5 breathing. This will alleviate tension accrued in the spine while sleeping, making it more relaxed for meditation.

– Knee to chest: Lie with your back on the floor. keep your legs and arms straight. Lift your right knee towards your chest while inhaling, grab the knee with your hands and pull closer to the chest. Release the knee and return to the original position while exhaling. Switch to the left knee and repeat the process. Do for 2 – 5 breathing. This process will help enliven your hips and lower back.

  – Side twist: Stand erect, raise your arms up towards the ceiling while inhaling. Then straighten your right arm to your right side while exhaling. Keep your left arm arched over your head and sway towards your right as you inhale. Return back to the original position and repeat for the left side. Do again for 2 – 5 breathing. This activity will enliven your whole body.

  – Cow: Lie on the floor with your back, raise both of your knees towards your chest slowly and roll over with your knees on the ground and your hands placed on the ground supporting your shoulders. The position is kneeling with your palms placed on the floor. Straighten your back and keep your head forward. While inhaling, lift your chest and drop your belly towards the floor, lift your face forward and arch your spine. While exhaling, lift your belly upwards to form a dome position with the spine. Bring your face down looking towards your knees. Repeat for 2 – 5 breathing. This movement warms up your spine for effective morning meditation.

  – Mountain: Standing up erect, face forward, keep a straight back and relax your shoulders. Keep your feet apart by hip-width while you rest your arms by your side. Raise your arms straight above your head towards the ceiling while inhaling. Then as you exhale, lower your arms to the original position. Repeat the process for 2 – 5 breathing.  This will facilitate your blood flow and enliven your upper body.

These are quick practical exercises to help enliven you and keep you in the mood for an efficient morning meditation. The exercises are short and you can choose the ones most comfortable for you. Spend a few minutes of your morning in the exercises and continue with your meditation routine.

Effective Morning Meditation Techniques

We are going to take a look at the various meditation techniques. The aim is to find what works best for you. Know that all techniques are effective, if possible, try out each technique as you progress.

 – Basic breathing technique: This meditation practice involves focusing on your breath. While you are still, concentrate on the movement of the cool morning air as it flows from the nose to the lungs and out. Distractions will be reduced and anxiety is lowered when you practice breathing meditation.

  – Mantra reciting: A mantra is a commonly repeated word or phrase. In Buddhism, reciting mantra is a common way to meditate. There are many powerful mantras that will help you focus and find your inner peace.

  – Gazing on candle flame: This technique involves lighting a candle and gazing directly on the burning flame. Focus your attention on the flame and discover the calmness in the flame of a burning candle. Some candles come with soothing scents that will help you relax better while meditating.

  – Mindfulness meditation: Being mindful is all about acknowledging the activities of the moment without interference. Mindfulness meditation can be performed by sitting still and focusing on your thoughts, how they are generated and moves from one to another without judging, concluding or taking a decision on the thoughts. You can equally decide to be mindful of the sounds in your environment, or the movement or even your feelings at the moment. This meditation technique will help you to be aware and in control of your thoughts and actions for the rest of the day.

– Walking meditation practice: You can meditate while you walk. This involves focusing your attention on how you feel while taking each step. Keep wandering thoughts away by paying attention to the effect of breeze on your skin, or sounds of air through your ears. Walking meditation is a great way to meditate for people who prefer moving while meditating. The goal as always is to maintain a peaceful state of mind.

 – Cultivation of compassion: You practice the cultivation of compassion by picturing negative thoughts and channeling them to positive energy through the feeling of compassion. While this may be a bit difficult for beginners, it is worth trying out.

Now that you have picked a meditation technique to practice this morning, we can now take a look at the practical guide to an effective morning meditation.

A Guide Through Morning Meditation

Morning meditation is a great decision because it gives you a head start to a peaceful day. Follow this meditation guide gradually and seize control of the whole of your day.

Step 1

Make Morning Meditation a Priority

Choose a particular time of the morning that will favor you and meditate at the same time every morning. This will make you adapt perfectly to your meditation routine by arousing the feeling of consciousness to meditate at the very same time every day.

Step 2

Make Your Meditation Space Comfortable

Make your meditation space cozy and appealing for meditation. You can achieve this by choosing a free space with no distractions, add a gentle background music, keep scented flowers, burn relaxing incense and provide meditation cushions. These will make you have a wonderful morning meditation experience. As expected you will definitely want to come back the next morning.

Step 3

Wear Loose/Breathable Clothing

Loose or breathable clothes will make you feel comfortable. You do not need any distraction from any angle once you start meditating. Your nightwear can serve to provide the needed comfort.

Step 4

Assume The Most Comfortable Position of Your Choice

Sit on the meditation cushion in an upright position with your back straight. You may decide to sit on the floor, a chair with backrest or couch. Just sit comfortably in an upright position. Avoid lying down so as not to sleep off.

Step 5

Time Yourself

Set an alarm timer to help you keep track of the time you intend spending on your meditation. Just set the time and focus on having a great meditation experience. The alarm will remind you when to stop.

Step 6

 Take Few First Slow And Deep Breaths

Once you have decided on the meditation technique to practice this morning, start by taking some slow deep breaths. This will already relieve you of anxiety before following your technique.

Step 7

Start With Your Choice Meditation Technique

We have seen the different meditation techniques which you can practice every morning. All techniques involve focusing on something while keeping your wandering thoughts aside. If it is breathing meditation, you can now start tracking your breathing sequence.

Step 8

Keep Refocusing Each Time You Find Your Thought Wandering

Never expect to perfectly meditate without getting distracted by external factors. But do not get worked up once you find yourself easily distracted. You just have to keep refocusing each time you notice you are out of your meditation routine. Give your self a chance to improve. Therefore, see distractions as normal.

This guide is meant to help you achieve the best morning meditation experience. It will inspire you to feel very comfortable with morning meditation and thereby taking it as part of your every morning routine.

The Action Is In Your Hands

I have gone in details to guide you through meditating effectively every morning. We have seen how best to rise from bed, the exercises to do in order to enliven your whole body to get ready for meditation, the different meditation techniques to choose from and the things to do to experience the best meditation every morning.

Just make up your mind today and follow this guide and see meditation as a way of life. Remember, once you create a happy and peaceful morning for yourself, the rest of the day would be an epic story.

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