Are you looking for the best books to help introduce you to meditation practices? Look no further. Thus, here are the best meditation books with descriptions of what each talks about. The books listed here are carefully selected to help you learn and improve on meditation and mindfulness. They include:

RADICAL ACCEPTANCE: Embracing Life with the Heart of a Buddha– Tara Brach, Ph.D


Radical Acceptance is an illuminating book by Tara Brach, Ph. D. Generally, the author is a clinical psychologist and also a Buddhist teacher. In this book, she shows us the path to embracing life with enlightenment and understanding. Certainly, that is what she referred to as the heart of a Buddha.

Of course, many times we pass judgment on ourselves. We believe we are not doing our best. As a result, we indulge in conflicts, abuse, perfectionism, and addictions. All these leading to suffering and frustration most of the time. Hence, Tara Brach is letting us know that true freedom comes when we understand how much these attitudes trap us. And, then taking steps to connect back to who we are and what we represent. Consequently, living fully in a world full of criticisms.

At the beginning of this guide, the author said,

“Believing that something is wrong with us is deep and tenacious suffering”.

Therefore, Radical Acceptanceprovides a way out. As such, it includes practical guidance that Dr. Brach developed while working with therapy clients and teaching Buddhist students over twenty years. This book includes personal stories, brilliant interpretations of Buddhist tales, history of cases presented, and guided meditation practices.

By following the step-by-step process stated in this book, you will attain genuine change. Thus, you will feel more comfortable accepting the goodness in you. More so, you will be able to develop compassion and see the true appearance everything. This is what Radical Acceptance is about.

Recommended for

If you are battling with fear and shame, “Radical Acceptance” will help you toward healing. Also, it will help those who wish to build genuine relationships. And, surely, for anyone who wants to live fully and free at all moments, this book will help you achieve your goals.
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SILENCE: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise – Thich Nhat Hanh


We all seek happiness and peace every single day of our lives. However, our world is too noisy to hear the voice of peace calling on us. “Silence” is a path including three mindful breaths that changes the way we perceive everything. Thus, the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh here teaches us how to develop silence within us to find peace and happiness.

To develop true happiness, one needs to listen to the call of beauty every day. But, most people seem to search for happiness in many places that one cannot find it. This is because our world is full of surprises. Of course, this is what the beloved Zen master is letting us know that silence is the key. Hence, when we are silent we tend to listen the more. And we answer the call of beauty and become happier.

This book will teach you how to maintain composure no matter the degree of noise you face. It involves a simple breathing technique that will keep you present at the moment. Surely, when you follow the guide in this book, you will learn how to remain calm even in places that chaos reign. Hence, once you recognize that there is beauty in your surrounding, peace and happiness will set in. As such, you tend to rediscover yourself and feel once more what you really want out of life.

Recommended for

This book will be very handy for anyone who feels like he/she is living life out of his/her purpose. Also, if you feel unfulfilled and stuck, the Zen master has a way out for you, that is, Silence. Truly, in this our world full of noise, we need peace to live fully.
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WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life – Jon Kabat-Zinn


Jon Kabat-Zinn hands us a powerful path to mindfulness meditation. “Wherever You Go, There You Are” is a guide to cultivating mindfulness in everyday life. In general, the book shows the way to appreciate every moment we have. Thus, we live fully in that moment without having to worry much about the gone past or the coming future.

There is richness in every moment we have. As a result, Zinn taught about non-doings which has to do with letting things unfold in their way. Also, in this guide to meditation and mindfulness, the author noted that one has to nurture and kindle the art. Thus, “you can only get there if you are fully here”.

Also, the author talked about the mountain and lake meditation where one has to imagine the stillness of the surface of the earth or water where a lot is going on beneath. Thereby, we should imagine our lives as such. In this meditation process, imagine sitting still and holding in awareness and accepting all the mind and body qualities.

This meditation guide also lets us know that taking ourselves too damn serious will only lead to a lack of peace. This is because we think that our lives are central to the operation of the universe. Hence, we need to give up these pressures and live a lighter and happier life.

Recommended for

For everyone who has an interest in mindfulness meditation. This includes the newcomers to meditation and those with also track record on meditation. Surely, there is something new to learn inWherever You Go, There You Are. More so, if you crave for living every moment fully, then this book is for you.
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PEACE IS EVERY STEP: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life – Thich Nhat Hanh


In our world today, there a lot of things happening that steals inner peace away from us. However, there are also many proven methods to bring back our peace. As such, we will be able to live in this world with equanimity. “Peace is Every Step” is a path of mindfulness given to us by the Zen master, Thich Nhat Hahn.

This book features the following to help us live daily in peace:

  • Commentaries and annotations that help readers for easy understanding
  • Guide to daily mindful meditation practices
  • Short accounts of the writer personal encounters in a more humorous manner
  • Nhat Hanh’s shared experiences as a leader, activist, and teacher.

While teaching meditation, Thich Nhat Hanh used his life as a point of the study. The book presents a means of using deep meditative presence to be available at the moment. Thus, it took the reader to be in the kitchen, driving a car, taking a walk in a park, or even in the office to show us how deep meditative presence is available now.

With this book, we would learn how to increase awareness within our body. As a result, Nhat Hanh presents the method of breathing consciously. Practicing this will bring us toward peace and joy. Also, the book teaches awareness of relationships with the world around us. Thus, we can live in peace by living mindfully.

Recommended for

Peace is Every Step” is for everyone who needs to follow mindful meditation to attain peace. Also, for everyone who needs to slow down a little bit, this book is very handy. If you need a way to deal with stress and anxiety, Thich Nhat Hanh provided a subtle means of practicing mindfulness in this book.
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THE MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation – Thich Nhat Hanh


“The Miracle of Mindfulness is another great book from the Zen master on how to effectively practice meditation. Hence, Thich Nhat Hanh in this work presents the basics of meditation practices. As such, he introduces meditation to every beginner who wishes to go further in the practice.

This book teaches a practical exercise to give us a sense of the opportunity embedded in every moment. Thus, we become aware that we can work toward a better understanding of ourselves and peacefulness.

Nhat Hanh also presented to us the one-thing-in-the moment meditation. For instance, doing one dish when upset or reading a book or anything you need to concentrate and do at the moment. This book is very practical and requires careful reading and practice of the guides presented in it.

The Miracle of Mindfulness introduces the daily life meditation practices to us. Although, this may not be through sitting in a lotus position as we may envision. However, it teaches us mindfulness and how to handle every situation we find ourselves. As such, we can maintain peace and joy in our lives.

Recommended for

We recommend this book for everyone searching for a path of peace through meditation. More so, if you are battling anxiety, this book has a remedy you need. While this book may appear to be in line with Buddhist teachings, it generally recognizes life in general. Consequently, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists will benefit from the teachings.
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THE MINDFUL LIFE JOURNAL: Seven Minutes a Day for a Better, More Meaningful Life – Justin R. Adams


Another great book on meditation practices. “The Mindful Life Journal” guides the readers through a gradual process of reflection. Thus, one can easily go through his emotions, thoughts, intentions, feelings, and energy. This book is interactive and features a series of practical exercises. More so, it contains easy-to-follow prompts that are well illustrated.

The author of this journal suggests only seven minutes’ devotion to this journal each day for a more meaningful life. As a result, this book will help you wake up feeling better in the morning. On the same note, you will become more productive during your active hours of the day. And, surely, you will get to sleep sound at night.

“The Mindful Life Journal” works in this way, thus:

Waking up in the morning: As you wake up from sleep, check your feelings and emotions. That is to say, be conscious of your feelings and your thoughts. Of course, you can as well write down your observations. The thing is that no matter what your feelings are, you can always get better through the cultivation of gratitude. Then, as you attain the feeling of gratefulness, you can start setting your intentions right for the day. In general, let your intentions be of good for both yourself and others. Include activities that will help shape your day into living a better life.

Going to bed in the evening: Always do a recollection of the day before going to sleep. Hence, develop an awareness of the things that gives and takes away energy from you without judging them. Of course, energy is what helps you to achieve your greatest intentions. After the recollection, cultivate gratitude once more. This will help you get sound sleep and wake up feeling better.

This journal for better living features:

  • Three Months of Non-Dated Entry Pages
  • Gratitude Twice a Day
  • 244 Feeling Words
  • 97 Inspiring Quotes
  • 13 Mindful Exercises
  • 10 Blank Writing Pages
  • 4 Good guidelines
  • 1 Cheat Sheet

To develop a mindful life through short daily practices, this book will help you make real progress.

Recommended for

Any Beginner to meditation practices will find The Mindful Life Journal very helpful. Also, if you want to benefit from daily cultivation of gratitude, this journal will guide you through a practical process to achieve your goal.
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HARDWIRING HAPPINESS: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence – Rick Hanson, Ph. D


From the angle of neuroscience, Dr. Hanson brings to us a four-step practical guide to attain inner peace happiness. Thus, the “New York Times” Best-Selling author presents the “Hardwiring Happiness” to us. Hence, by talking on motivation, trauma, relationships, children, and spiritual practices, we can gradually, regain our self-worth.

This book pointed out how easy it is for us to keep going over feelings that hurt us. But, we find it difficult to enjoy long the feelings of appreciation we get from others. Basically, this is because our brain evolved to learning from hurtful experiences quite faster than good ones. However, there is no need to worry since we can change this.

Hardwiring Happiness teaches us a simple and practical method on how to use the power of everyday experiences in building new neural structures. As such, we replace our always troubled mind with a happy, confident, and peaceful one. Certainly, we know that life has never been any easier. Consequently, we always face irritations, anxiety, frustrations, stress, and worry. And, this gets worse when we face these things with a brain already wired to attract the hurtful feelings than the good ones.

Devoting a few minutes each day following the method Dr. Hanson presented in this book will help rewire your brain. Thus, making it a center of happiness and peace.

Recommended for

This book is for everyone who finds it difficult to appreciate the good things around them. Especially, those who feel troubled always. Moreover, if you feel you need extra peace and happiness in your life,Hardwiring Happiness is here to help you out.
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PRACTICING THE POWER OF NOW: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from the Power of Now – Eckart Tolle


Eckhart Tolle tells us that the key to living happily is by living in the now. And, to help us live happily in the moment, the spiritual teacher presents to us the book “Practicing the Power of Now”. This book will help you free yourself from mental slavery. As such, you can live in an awakened state of mind every day.

In order to quieten our inner chatter, the author takes us through simple meditation techniques. When we follow these techniques, we will find a path to lightness and see things as they are in the present moment. As a result, we will give up the habit of being here and wanting to be there at the same time. This is what causes stress according to Eckhart Tolle.

Hence, the need to live in the now.

Recommended for

Anyone who wants to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life should get this book. More so, Practicing the Power of Now is about practicing meditation to quieten the mind. Therefore, it is a great read for those going into the practice of meditation.
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PRACTICAL MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS: 10 Days to a Happier, Calmer You – Benjamin W. Decker


Take a 10-day journey into meditation with “Practical Meditation for Beginners”. This book presents ten meditation techniques with a step-by-step guide to each technique. Thus, if you are new to meditation, this book will help you understand and practice effective meditation. Of course, developing a strong meditation habit is in practice.

This book covered Zen, Vipassana, mindful body scan, breath meditation, and walking meditations. Hence, following the process outlined here will make it easy for you to develop a routine that best suits you. Of course, there is a variety of techniques to help you balance out the practice. Each day presents a new technique for ten days. Thus, this is a 10-day guide to meditation practices.

Recommended for

Especially recommended for newbies in meditation. Although, experienced meditation practitioners will also appreciate the processes presented in this book.
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MINDFULNESS IN PLAIN ENGLISH– Bhante Henepola Gunaratana


From an author known for his works on meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness in Plain English presents a classic introduction to the practice of meditation. Hence, Bhante Gunaratana shows us the path to meditation and mindfulness in the most understandable form.

This book lets us know that we are not paying attention enough to notice that we are not paying attention. This means that there is a need to live mindfully to notice the peace in quietness.

Mindfulness in Plain English is a great “How to” guide to meditation. Although this handbook introduces Buddhist meditation, it is skillfully explained to the understanding of everyone. Moreover, it features more practical to help beginners to adapt.

Recommended for

This handbook is recommended for all that wishes to learn mindfulness in simple English. Thus, Mindfulness in Plain English brings the practice of meditation down to beginners.
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This page covers the best books on meditation practices. In general, we recommend the books listed here for anyone interested in meditation. This includes both newcomers to meditation and experienced practitioners.

The list goes in no particular order. However, the description for each book will help you narrow down the scope. As such, you can choose the one that best appeals to you.